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The safe functioning of the method

is a clinically proven, safe, very effective and without side effects. However, it is neccessary to pay attention to the defined contraindications before the application of the method.
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Accelerating the rehabilition process

The method makes the process of postoperative and postpartum rehabilitation more effective in selected cases. It shortens the period of convalescence and achievement of musculoskeletal comfort.
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Elimination pain and health problems

Strengthening of muscles is a prerequisite to the elimination of frequent causes of pain. The training method used positively influences metabolism, peristalsis, blood supply to the tissues, and the stability and coordination, which has an impact on the strengthening of the health and physical and mental condition.
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Increased performance of athletes

Muscle strength, muscle balance, explosiveness, so called fast strength needed in the lash performance, strong athletic figure are the foundations of the increasing of sports performance thanks to the method.
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Effective muscle building

The outstanding advantage of the method is the achievement od fast results in a short time by having an option of building of selected muscle groups or all main muscle groups at once.
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Improving the physical and psychical state

The method helps to achieve great results which have positive influence on self-confidence and the whole physical and mental comfort and balance.
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Gentle approach to tendons, joints and spine

The exceptional advantage of the method is the effective building of the muscles, condition, stamina without the loading of joints, tendons and spine. This fact eliminates the upper age limit of clients.
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Extremely short training time

The method is based on a very effective exercising of all main muscle parts at once and that shortens the time of the training markedly and brings the desired results.
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Cellulite elimination

The training method allows the blood flow to the tissues, effectively helps to dispose of subcutaneous fat on thighs and bottom. At the same time there is a tightening of muscle connective tissue, improving of blood circulation and taking away of unwanted fat cells.
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Rapid process of weight loss

At the use of the method there is a fast reducing of fat out of the organism through the changing it into energy by building basic parts of muscles within the whole body. The body fat is effectively eliminated also from the problematic parts thanks to the principle of the method /thighs, stomach, bottom/.
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VITALBODY offers the maintenance and improvement of physical and mental fitness in a way that has a range of benefits